Wind Energy Companies in India

Wind Energy is the largest renewable energy sector in India followed by Hydropower. The following is the list of the leading wind power companies in the country playing a significant role in the development of this technology for present and future growth in the wind industry.

Suzlon Energy is by far the biggest Wind Energy generating company in the country. It has a WTG capacity of 4 to 5 Giga watts in a year. The company has major subsidiaries harnessing wind power in Europe.

RRB Energy has been into the generation of Wind Energy for a long time and it produces wind turbines out of its plants in the state of Tamil Nadu. With an established capacity of 300 MW it is moving on to enhance its capacity by another 400 MW. With a small investment from Merill Lynch, RRB Energy manufactures two wind turbine models having power rating of 1.8 Mw and 600 Kw.

NEPC India is one of the earliest Wind Energy players in the country. A pioneer in the market of wind power, NEPC is presently undergoing some internal transformation in terms of its financial standing.

Auro Mira Energy is a “Green Utility” and a minor manufacturer of wind turbines and systems. It is a potential maker of wind turbines at a major scale in the future. Auro Mira Energy has been funded by IFC and Baring to move ahead with its Green Plans. Based in the state of Tamil Nadu, Auro Mira has a couple of biomass plants with a capacity of 10 MW and 7.5 MW. It is also planning to increase its green energy production by adding 100 MW of new sources of energy in the next couple of years.

Regen Powertech is a small wind turbine manufacturer having a manufacturing unit in Andhra Pradesh with a capacity of 300 MW production. Regen has licensed technology from Vensys to make wind turbines of capacity 1.5 MW. In the last few years, Regen has supplied both small-sized and large-sized wind farms. The PE wing of the Future Group supports Regen Powertech.

WinWind is Finnish origin company with several owners including Siva Group, Abu Dhabi Masdar and the Finland government. The company has recently installed its plant in Tamil Nadu with a capacity of 1,000 MW. In Finland, WinWind has a plant of capacity of 500 MW. It is planning to manufacture wind turbines of capacity 3MW from its Indian plant.

Pioneer Wincon is a joint venture between the Indian company Pioneer Group and the Danish company Wincon. Operating in India for over 30 years, Pioneer Wincon manufactures wind turbines of capacity 25 KW. It is a mini-static player in the Indian Wind Energy market.

Chiranjeevi Wind Energy is another small company that manufactures wind turbines of 250 KW. The company is a regular supplier of turbines to several companies in south India.

Lietnar Shriram Limited is another player in the wind power market in the country. It is a joint venture between Shriram Group and the Italian company Lietnar. Lietnar Shriram manufactures wind turbines with a capacity of 1.5 MW and is a regular supplier to small-sized farms in the state of Maharashtra. One of the major customers of Lietnar Shriram is Orient Green Power. This buyer is engaged in developing a farm in the state of Tamil Nadu with a capacity of 300 MW.

Kenersys is a subsidiary of the Baba Kalyani Group. The company manufactures a couple of turbines with capacity 2 MW and 2.5 MW. It has plants in both India and Germany. The wind design capability of the company ranges from 1 MW to 3.6 MW. Having a big parent company behind it, Kenersys is expected to become a major player in the future. Among all the new entrants into the Indian Wind Energy market, Kenersys seems to be the company with the highest potential.